Checkout our example content here, you'll find .nxt graphs demonstrating these same topics.

If you're not quite sure how nxt fits into your workflow checkout our workflow and transition map here. Over there we explain nxt from different vantage points to help illuminate how nxt can work for you.


Introduction to tokens

01 Making and executing a node. Hello world.
  • Make a node
  • Add code
  • Setup a token
  • Use the output log

02 Adding and using attributes and tokens in code
  • Naming
  • Attribute types
  • More on substitution

Execution and Inheritance

03 Making and executing a series of nodes
  • Executing nodes in sequence
  • Pathing to nodes and attributes
  • Execution options

04 Inheriting within a stack
  • Stacks execution
  • Inheritance within stacks
  • Parent / unparent nodes
  • Changing attribute display

Additional notes on execution, history, build view
  • Start points
  • Break points
  • Build view
  • History view

05 Using attributes from other nodes
  • Linking to other attrs
  • Pathing to other attrs


06 Node instances
  • Instances
  • Instance path
  • Local vs instanced attributes
  • Instances of instances

More on attributes

07 Notes on renaming
  • NXT doesn't rename anything automatically
  • But it will recomp based on name

08 Attribute overloading and reverting
  • Resolution order
  • Node, parent, instance

09 Writing data to attributes from code
  • Using self.attr
  • Usign raw, resolved, cached view


10 Layering and compositing
  • Adding layers
  • Layer display state
  • Active layer
  • Executing part of a layer
  • Adding new attrs and overrides on a layer


  • Referencing builtin layers
  • Calling sub-graphs
  • Getting and using returns from sub-graphs
Remote graphs

Coming soon...

Example Graph Walkthroughs

Still pending


The Rigging Buddies Podcast

Time stamps can be found in the video description on YouTube.
Download Ball Rig Example
Download "Roller Girl" by Sergi Caballer

Example: Maya hand rig
Example: Nuke resize image sequence
Example: Maya cloth attribute wedge and playblast